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Baccarat Rouge 540
No. 118 insp. by Baccarat Rouge 540
Sale priceCHF 59.00
LV Ombre Nomade
No. 114 insp. by Ombre Nomad
Sale priceFrom CHF 27.00
Xerjoff Erba Pura
No. 129 insp. by Xerjoff Erba Pura
Sale priceCHF 59.00
Tom Ford Lost Cherry
No. 111 insp. by Tom Ford Lost Cherry
Sale priceCHF 59.00
Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel
No. 51 insp. by Coco Mademoiselle by Ch*nel
Sale priceFrom CHF 17.00
Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
No. 55 insp. by Yves Sint L**rent Black Opium
Sale priceFrom CHF 17.00
No. 127 insp. by Oud Wood by Tom Ford
No. 127 insp. by Oud Wood by Tom Ford
Sale priceCHF 59.00
Hypnotic Poison by Dior
No. 23 insp. by Hypnotic Poison by D*or
Sale priceFrom CHF 17.00
La Vie Est Belle
No. 42 insp. by La Vie Est B*lle
Sale priceFrom CHF 17.00
Black Orchid by Tom Ford
No. 54 insp. by Black Orchid by Tom Ford
Sale priceFrom CHF 17.00
Libre YSL
No. 122 insp. by Libre by Yves Sint L**rent
Sale priceFrom CHF 27.00
No. 80 insp. by Giorgio A*mani Sì Perfume
Sale priceFrom CHF 17.00
Thierry Mugler Alien
No. 10 insp. by Thierry M*gler Alien
Sale priceFrom CHF 17.00
Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous
No. 106 insp. by Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous
Sale priceCHF 59.00
Xerjoff Naxos
No. 112 insp. by Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
Sale priceCHF 59.00
No. 117 insp. by Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla
Sale priceCHF 59.00
Tom Ford Soleil Blanc
No. 126 insp. by Tom Ford Soleil Blanc
Sale priceCHF 59.00
Dior J`Adore
No. 7 insp. by D*or J`Adore
Sale priceFrom CHF 17.00

Buy women's fragrances & women's fragrances online

A woman's perfume says a lot about her personality and can make a difference in how she is perceived by others. A light, floral scent can make her appear delicate, feminine and fresh, while an oriental, mysterious scent gives her a touch of sophistication. A seductive, vanilla perfume, on the other hand, would radiate self-confidence and sensuality. No matter what appearance a lady wants to convey, there is a perfect fragrance for her. At Parfumunlaublich we have a large selection of women's perfumes so that you too can find the perfect fragrance online and at a fair price.

Whether you are looking for a new perfume for everyday or something special for the evening, we have something for every occasion. Find your new Eau de Parfum today!

Timeless fragrance bestseller Perfume for women

In our online shop you will find fragrance twins, also known as perfume dupes, from top brands. The smells are similar to the scents of the following women's perfumes or manufacturers:

  • tom ford
  • diors
  • hugo boss
  • Calvin Klein
  • Chanel (e.g. Chanel No 5)
  • Christian Dior
  • Jean-Paul Gaultier
  • Lancôme (e.g. La vie est belle)
  • Jil Sander
  • Issey Miyake
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Yves Saint Laurent
  • Karl Lagerfeld
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Bruno Banana
  • Betty Barclay
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Carolina Herrera
  • Gabriela Sabatini
  • Narciso Rodriguez
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Jean Patou
  • and many more

Find your favorite fragrance that underlines your femininity, your mood and your character. Our perfumes are of the highest quality and also make a wonderful gift for your best friend, mother or sister.

Women's perfume for the big entrance

Scents can influence our perception. The smell of another person can contribute to how likeable we find them. If you have found the right scent for you, it can not only have a positive effect on others, but also on you. With a suitable fragrance you feel attractive, self-confident and sexy. So take your time to find the perfume that suits you and your personality, so that nothing stands in the way of your next big appearance.

Women's Perfumes & Fragrance Families

In order to keep track of the multitude of different perfumes from different manufacturers and brands, it helps to find out which fragrance family suits you best. A distinction can be made between the following fragrance families.

  • citrus scents
  • Floral scents
  • Oriental fragrances
  • Fruity scents
  • Harsh and woody scents
  • Green/ aromatic scents

A women's fragrance consists of a composition of three elements: the top note, heart note and base note. In order to create a type of perfume and to create a special scent or scent, these three building blocks are very important. The top note provides the first perception of a perfume, the heart note makes up the character of the fragrance and the base note is the aftertaste and underlines the previous fragrance notes.