LV Ombre Nomade
LV Ombre Nomade

No. 114 insp. by Ombre Nomad

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TOP NOTES : bergamot, raspberry, lemon

HEART NOTES : cinnamon, jasmine, geranium, rose, saffron

BASE NOTES : Amber, Agarwood (oud), Musk, Leather, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Benzoin

No. 114 inspired by Ombre Nomade

No. 114 inspired by Ombre Nomade with oriental notes of oud wood is reminiscent of the scents of a starry night in the desert, a dreamed and finally realized journey. A rare essence that combines the strength and solidity of oud wood with a thousand other shades and scents from distant lands.

Nr 114 inspired by Ombre Nomade is a popular perfume by Chogan for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is woody-smoky. Longevity and sillage are above average. It is marketed by The name means "nomadic shadow".

The fragrance initially invites you with a smoky note to an absolutely irresistible fragrance experience. Then the sweet and woody elements of the aroma take over your senses and continue this fragrance experience in a completely unexpected way. The smoky aroma comes from incense. While the sweet scent is derived from raspberries and cleverly combined. Of course, a decent portion of oud should not be missing from Chogan inspired by Ombre Nomade. Last but not least, the benzoin gives the unmistakable scent experience a gentle and warm finish. This fragrance is for strong women and men and completely redefines the perfume world. Self-confident people wear this fragrance and thus set their own accent.

How does Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade smell?

The meaning behind the sophisticated name Ombre Nomade - Translated: shadow of the nomad - was inspired by the sun casting mystical patterns of shadow and light on the desert dunes throughout the day. The scent of this seductive perfume contains oud wood, used in many cultures as an extraordinary essence, evoking a mythical sense of infinity. Oud wood is evocative and mysterious at the same time.

Ombre Nomade is a unique and captivating fragrance. With its oriental-woody fragrance, it awakens memories of old times with its mixture of agarwood, geranium, raspberry rose, amber wood, benzoin, birch, incense and saffron. The complex blend of scents draws you in and captivates the senses, making it an unforgettable perfume. Once you experience Ombre Nomade, you will never forget it!

Chogan inspired by Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade

Oud wood has a mysterious, intoxicating quality and Chogan has creatively combined it with other unique scents to create an unforgettable combination. Aromas of benzoin and raspberry combine with hints of incense to create a rebellious yet captivating substance. The scent that this perfume exudes comes closest to an adventure paradise!

We can be sure that 114 Chogan inspired by Ombre Nomade will continue to enchant luxury fragrance lovers with its amazing aroma from far beyond the dunes.

It's unlike any perfume you've ever experienced before - a rebellious heart of intoxicating beauty, an oud resting in the depths of its mystery, gently caressed by notes of benzoin and accented with hints of raspberry. When you open the bottle and inhale, you can almost feel a trail of incense rising from afar, conjuring a surreal yet sensational atmosphere around you.

Discover the captivating feeling of Ombre Nomade with Chogan - a passionate odyssey awaits you!

what is this scent

Ombre Nomade is an exquisite 2018 fragrance designed to embody the passion and intense feelings of an unforgettable journey. Its woody-smoky composition makes it a suitable fragrance for those in search of luxury and adventure.

Ombre Nomade reaches lovers of extraordinary essences all over the world.

With us you get a fragrance inspired by Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade at a good price without sacrificing the size and quantity of the bottling.

How long does this scent last?

Ombre Nomade is a luxurious women's and men's perfume created by Louis Vuitton for the first time in 2018 with a woody-smoky scent and an above-average longevity and sillage. This enchanting fragrance has excellent staying power, its chords enveloping the wearer in a lasting manner, whatever the occasion.

Is this fragrance for men?

Chogan inspired by Ombre nomade is a unisex perfume and is therefore suitable for both men and women.

The product information should serve as a guide and only show our source of inspiration. The inspiration relates solely to the fragrance, which is not identical to any other fragrance or fragrance from any other brand. We are then in no way connected and/or connected and/or cooperating with the brands mentioned or not mentioned. These brands, whether used for guidance and inspiration or not, are owned by their respective owners, with whom we are not affiliated or authorized: we do not sell, copy and/or imitate original fragrances of well-known brands.

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Customer Reviews

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Giit bessers

isch ned so miis zum glück sind gschmecker verschidä

Absolut Origineller Duft!

Ein Kollege von mir hatte sich die Probe des Originals gekauft und ich durfte ihn probieren! Ich war von dem Duft fasziniert doch der Preis war mir zu hoch. Dann bin ich auf diese Seite gestossen und habe mir gedacht warum nicht ausprobieren? Ich bereue es nicht 1%! Der Duft von parfumunglaublich riecht 1 zu 1 gleich wie das Original und die Haltbarkeit ist unglaublich! Ich habe ihn vor 4 Tagen auf meine Jacke gesprüht und er hält immernoch! Auch die Sillage ist eine absolute 10/10 du riechst den durch die halbe Wohnung! Bin sehr zufrieden und kann den Duft nur jedem ans Herz legen!


Kenne den original Duft selber nicht so gut aber dieser Duftzwilling ist echt super. Riecht ledrig, orientalisch aber hat was pudriges. Riecht wirklich nach nem teuren Duft. Und er hält extrem. Hab sogar nach dem Duschen und einseifen noch danach gerochen. Kann ihn auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.

Ombre Nomade

Verführerisch, mysteriös, kräftig, halluzinatorisch, einen Hauch Ambergris und Himbeeren, eine Geschichte über den alten Orient, frech und elegant, intensiv und geheim.

Onur Karava
Super Düfte

Habe mir 4 Düfte bestellt unter anderem auch Ombre Nomade. Dieser duftet sehr gut und intensiv. Ich werde mir von jetzt an die Düfte immer von dieser Website bestellen. Dies hatte ich bestellt und am nächsten Tag erhalten. Vielen Dank und Ihr habt einen zuverlässigen Kunden gewonnen.

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