As a perfume lover, I dealt with different scents and perfumes. On various voyages of discovery I learned more and more about perfumes, scents and their production. After experimenting a lot with different perfumes, I quickly realized that owning and wearing multiple fragrances for different situations and seasons becomes expensive. I also found the hold of the perfumes unsatisfactory. This means that it becomes even more expensive to smell good, because the less long a fragrance lasts, the more often you have to apply it and thus buy more.

So I realized that perfumes are luxury items that not everyone can afford. I wanted to change this at all costs. I refused to accept how expensive smelling good could be. This is how the idea of ​​ came about. The goal is to offer perfumes with a price-performance ratio that seems simply unbelievable. After some research, shop development, supplier search and marketing lessons, the time had finally come. was ready to go live and offer customers across Switzerland a more realistic, fair and cheaper alternative for perfume, cosmetics and care products.

Our fragrances are all inspired by the well-known brands. The variety is enormous, so that everyone can find a suitable fragrance. And all this at unbelievable prices - that's

Even with our range of cosmetics and care products, we can proudly say that we offer a much cheaper alternative and have a range where everyone can find something suitable.

Our added value for Switzerland consists of high-quality products at unbelievable prices. In addition, it is a Swiss shop with a Swiss warehouse and a considerable social commitment.

I am a young entrepreneur from the Zurich area. My goal? Building and managing companies that deliver great added value to our customers, sustainably and with social commitment.