No. 127 insp. by Oud Wood by Tom Ford

No. 127 insp. by Oud Wood by Tom Ford

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TOP NOTES : Sichuan pepper, cardamom, palisander rosewood

HEART NOTES : Agarwood, Brazilian Rosewood, Vetiver, Sandalwood

BASE NOTES : tonka bean, vanilla, amber

Chogan inspired by Oud Wood by Tom Ford, a rare, exotic, distinctive perfume. The fragrance is built around agarwood, one of the rarest, most precious and expensive ingredients in the world of perfumery. A spicy, woody opening with notes of pepper, exotic woody notes and cardamom develops into a smoky heart composed of agarwood, sandalwood and vetiver. The warm, sensual base is enriched with notes of vanilla, amber and tonka bean.

Note: The color of the bottle is not binding. Can be supplied in different finishes (eg black, gold etc.).

This distinctive fragrance was released in 2017 and is a variation of the popular fragrance line. The woody-leathery Extrait de Parfum means "Intense" quite seriously and convinces with a sillage of oud, cypress and angelica root. This fragrance has an exceptional durability and accompanies the strong character wearer throughout the day. And maybe the night.

Chogan inspired by Oud Wood by Tom Ford contains the most precious, precious and rare ingredients in the world, including agar wood, also known as Oud Wood. Scents like cardamom and rosewood combine with this to create a smoky blend. Vetiver, sandalwood, amber and tonka bean provide sensuality and warmth. The fragrance envelops women and men with an exotic and distinctive scent. The perfume is particularly long-lasting for the evening, a romantic dinner or a meeting with friends.

No. 127 Inspired Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Meeting the unisex fragrance Oud Wood by Tom Ford is like discovering something new and precious. Its wonderful ingredients are exotic rosewood, sensual cardamom and Chinese pepper, which envelops the skin with warmth. In addition, the rare and very valuable agar wood is used here, which was already burned together with incense in the temples of Bhutan to stimulate the body, mind and senses. This fragrance creation is very exotic and sensual. A wonderful blend of high-quality ingredients that create a rare, exotic, distinctive perfume. Meeting Oud Wood is an experience not to be missed.

Is this a niche fragrance?

No. 127 inspired by Oud Wood is an undeniably unique fragrance derived from agarwood (agarwood tree) - it's smoky, woody and sweet all at once. The fragrance was hailed as a breakthrough for the perfume world upon its release. Up to this point, the No. 127 insp. By Oud-Wood largely limited to niche fragrances and only a handful of well-known designers experimented with this fragrance. In the years since its release, this fragrance has become synonymous with high quality perfumery and has cemented its place as a true classic.

How does the No. 127 insp. by Oud Wood?

You will see, when you smell Oud Wood for the first time, it will be an unforgettable experience. The woody-aromatic scent concentrates exclusively on the woody notes and completely ignores fresh and fruity scents.

  • The top note begins with the protagonist, rosewood, which is charmingly accompanied by spicy oriental cardamom and Chinese pepper.
  • In the heart note, the resinous-aromatic bouquets of sandalwood and cedarwood, tropical vetiver and velvety cistus unfold, harmoniously caressing the rosewood scent.
  • The ensemble concludes with a conventional, creamy base of amber, delicate vanilla and powerful tonka bean. Parfumunbelievable customers love this fragrance twin.

The quality of this fragrance is undeniable and it leaves a lasting impression on everyone who meets it. Whether you're looking for a new signature fragrance or just want to try something new, our original Chogan fragrance inspired by Tom Ford is a fragrance that's sure to intrigue and excite you.

Buy Perfume Inspired by Oud Wood by Tom Ford

The perfume inspired by Oud Wood is absolutely equal to the iconic original fragrance by Tom Ford. How does Chogan do it? It all depends on the fragrance essences. These are the main ingredients that give each perfume its unique scent. Chogan uses exactly the same essences as Tom Ford so you can experience the same intoxicating scent when you apply the perfume. The only difference is the price. Chogan's Oud Wood costs a fraction of the designer version, so you can enjoy the luxurious fragrance without breaking the bank. Order your bottle today and discover why this fragrance twin is taking the perfume world by storm.

The product information should serve as a guide and only show our source of inspiration. The inspiration relates solely to the fragrance, which is not identical to any other fragrance or fragrance from any other brand. We are then in no way connected and/or connected and/or cooperating with the brands mentioned or not mentioned. These brands, whether used for guidance and inspiration or not, are owned by their respective owners, with whom we are not affiliated or authorized: we do not sell, copy and/or imitate original fragrances of well-known brands.

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Customer Reviews

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Wolfgang Schmidt
Sehr nah am Orginal

Duft ist sehr nahe am Orginal, Lieferung schnell und unproblematisch

Love it ❤️

Love it , Love it, Love it 🫶

Rainer Görl

Super Duft sehr zufrieden

Liliane Herzog
Total ähnlich

Ich kenne Tom Ford einer der besten Düfte !
Es ist mega und erst noch diesen Preis , hammer 🙏

Tommy Bui
Love it!

Hard to compare with the original

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