Tom Ford Lost Cherry

No. 111 insp. by Tom Ford Lost Cherry

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TOP NOTES : bitter almond, cherry liqueur, black cherry

HEART NOTES : morello cherry, plum, turkish rose, sambac jasmine

BASE NOTES : Roasted Tonka Bean, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Peru Balsam, Heart Benzoin, Sandalwood, Clove, Cedar, Patchouli, Vetiver

Chogan No. 111 inspired by Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Chogan No. 111 inspired by Tom Ford Lost Cherry - A full-bodied journey into what was once forbidden; a contrasting fragrance that reveals an inviting dichotomy between the carefree, caramel-like sheen on the outside and the alluring pulp within. Innocence meets indulgence in an introduction that captures the classic perfection of the exotic cherry, the ripe flesh of the Amarena cherry dripping with cherry liqueur and sparkling with the provocative note of bitter almond. The heart overflows with waves of cherry, sweet and sour. Griotte syrup expresses the maceration of luscious fruit while enchanting floral nuances of Turkish rose and jasmine infuse the senses and soul.

Chogan No. 111 inspired by Tom Ford Lost Cherry belongs to the fruity-sweet fragrance family and was launched in 2018.

Already in the top note, it comes up with a series of unusual nuances: black cherry, cherry liqueur and bitter almond make you sit up and take notice... In the heart note, seductive notes of jasmine sambac, sour cherry syrup and Turkish rose create the impression of a sun-kissed garden. The transition to the base note is gentle: with a gentle touch of spicy sweetness, the roasted tonka bean and the rich Peru balsam create a fascinating transition to the woody notes. Vetiver, sandalwood and cedar crown the effect of this extraordinary fragrance in the drydown. Is it any wonder that this fragrance gets top ratings?

How does the Eau de Parfum smell?

Imagine this: an intoxicating blend of scents fills the air and gives the room a soothing atmosphere. Sweet and nutty notes of bitter almond and amarena cherry mingle with warm, spicy flavors and create a sense of indulgence. Vanilla, fruity tones and woody nuances solidify the pleasant scent, while subliminal amber tones and an alcoholic infusion round off the scent profile. The richness of this combination is captivating; no wonder these special scents are so popular.

#111 - Chogan Inspired by Tom Ford Lost Cherry

For daring explorers of forbidden voyages, Tom Ford's Lost Cherry is a seductive dichotomy that captures the playfulness of sweet innocence and the ruthlessness of wicked revelry. From Turkish Rose to Bitter Almond, Peru Balsam to Jasmine Sambac, this Eau de Parfum is as complex as it is captivating. In the heart you will find a magically balanced blend of Turkish rose and jasmine sambac, while in the base you will find smoky wood notes such as sensual sandalwood, earthy vetiver and tart cedarwood. Lost Cherry is an innovative and timelessly seductive fragrance that not only seduces women but also men. Embark on an adventure of your own creation with this incomparable fragrance!

Where do the fragrance essences used come from?

We supply our customers with the highest quality fragrances made from the best materials.
Chogan has set itself the task of being inspired by world-class fragrances in order to produce its own originals in a qualitative manner.

Contemporary and innovative, Chogan buys the fragrances directly in France and then bottles them in Italy. In addition to an intense 30% perfume essence extract, Chogan perfumes are made with the alcohol "Buongusto", obtained from grain and also used in alcoholic beverages.
You can find out more about the product details of each fragrance.

Chogan is an animal lover

Neither animal experiments nor chemical fixatives are used! Chogan has set itself the task of offering vegan products that not only smell fantastic, but also last a long time on the skin due to their high perfume potency.

They only use non-chemical ingredients.

All perfumes are vegan !

Buying a quality perfume isn't just about smelling good, it's also about knowing it's been produced ethically!

Chogan not only invests in sustainable production, but wearing perfumes that are made with care also helps to appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

What distinguishes the number 111 insp. by Lost Cherry by Tom Ford?

Lost Cherry is an alluring scent with hints of mystery and forbidden pleasures. A divine combination of floral, woody and earthy notes, it intoxicates the senses with its tonka bean top note and jasmine and rose heart notes. The base note is a warm blend of sandalwood, vetiver and cedarwood, rounding out the balance of this complex and captivating fragrance. Not only does Lost Cherry smell amazing, but it's also sustainably sourced to ensure your beauty routine is guilt-free. The special formulation is free of microplastics, silicone, palm oil, paraffins, parabens, sulfates, phthalates and more. Chogan draws inspiration from all of these points to create her fragrances

The product information should serve as a guide and only show our source of inspiration. The inspiration relates solely to the fragrance, which is not identical to any other fragrance or fragrance from any other brand. We are then in no way connected and/or connected and/or cooperating with the brands mentioned or not mentioned. These brands, whether used for guidance and inspiration or not, are owned by their respective owners, with whom we are not affiliated or authorized: we do not sell, copy and/or imitate original fragrances of well-known brands.

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Sehr schön

Einer de beste düfte

Daniel Kallen
Cherry chérie

Unglaublich heisser Duft.....I'm glad to have found it here at ur shop.Thank u.D.


Bestes Parfum!


Very nice perfume, at first will smell pretty strong after it settles down 5 minutes, it‘s freaking good and smell exactly tom ford lost cherry

Sehr guter Duft

Lost Cherry ist ein warmer Duft der sehr lange hält

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