Parfum Dupes & Duftzwillinge

Perfume dupes & fragrance twins

Perfume Dupes & Scent Twins - Luxury perfumes for women & men at affordable prices

You can't get enough of branded fragrances like Chanel, Dior, Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani - but can't spend that much money on fragrances or just want to save money? Then you can look forward to the invention of the twin fragrances! But what is that actually?

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What actually is a scent twin?

Fragrance twins, also known as perfume dupes, are perfume duplicates, hence the name. It is an imitation of expensive luxury perfumes that use similar or identical scent notes but are sold under a different name than the original.

However, they should not be confused with counterfeit perfumes, because perfume dupes do not pretend to be the original product, but a cheaper alternative. You can recognize them, for example, by the fact that they are sold under a different name and in a different bottle. While natural extracts from flowers or plants are used for most branded perfumes, the raw materials of imitation perfumes are mostly synthetic.

There are more and more counterfeit perfumes sold online that are sold under the same name as the original. In this article we would like to give you some tips on how to distinguish counterfeits from the original and would like to show why fragrance twins can be a real alternative to the expensive originals. Have fun while reading!

How do you distinguish perfume dupes from perfume fakes?

Top note vanilla, pear as a base note, with accents of rose and bergamot - what looks like a brand does not always have to be one. If you like to buy your favorite fragrances online, it is important to know the difference between fragrance twins and fakes. Listen to your gut feeling and read the reviews. We would like to give you 5 tips to help you distinguish fakes from perfume dupes:

  1. Advertising: Counterfeits are usually advertised in the same way as the original product, while the fragrance twin is also branded as such. It is clearly recognizable that this is an alternative product.

  2. Packaging & Design: Twin products have their own design and are recognizable by having a different bottle & packaging. Fakes, on the other hand, can very quickly be confused with the original because they look like their brand role model.

  3. Price difference: If it looks branded but is sold at an extremely low price, it is usually a fake.

  4. Dermatological tests: In contrast to counterfeits, Dupes are mostly dermatologically tested and skin-friendly.

  5. Quality: The quality between a dupe and a fake can vary greatly. While dupes use high-quality fragrance oils that leave a long-lasting scent, fakes often use too much alcohol. You can smell it when you spray it on. In addition, the scent dissipates very quickly if the alcohol content is too high.

With these tips you can avoid the disadvantages of fake perfumes & dust off a real bargain with ingenious scents and aromas.

Why are fragrance twins cheaper?

You may be wondering how the price difference between branded perfumes and their cheaper counterparts can be so huge. One of the important factors is production costs. Designer brands invest heavily in research and development, employing teams of perfumers to create new and innovative fragrances. In contrast, the makers of twin fragrances tend to rely on a limited number of perfumers who create dupes of existing fragrances. This helps keep production costs low.

Perfume unbelievable obtains its fragrance essences from the Italian manufacturer Chogan, for example, which has unified and standardized the production of its products and flacons and is therefore very cost-efficient. Chogan also waives advertising costs, which also affects the price. So you can get your favorite scent so cheap.

The perfumes from Perfume incredible

There is a wide range of perfumes on the market. However, the content of the perfumes is not always the same. The production of the perfumes that are sold in our online shop takes place in Italy, at our long-term partner Chogan. We work with this manufacturer because the perfume is made with a higher concentration of fragrance essences than most other brands. Due to the higher proportion of fragrance oil, Chogan perfumes are usually more intense and last longer than a normal eau de parfum.

In addition, Chogan perfume is free from diluents such as water. This means that the scent of a Chogan perfume is more concentrated and pure. All Chogan perfumes are manufactured in Italy under strict quality controls and are certified by BIOCERTITALIA and particularly kind to the skin.

For the composition of women's and men's perfumes, Chogan uses only licensed fragrance essences from the same production as luxury brands. The cosmetics are almost always cruelty-free & BIO & VEGAN certified.

Take a look at our bestseller offers & find out which fragrance from which fragrance family suits you best.

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