Kann Parfum schlecht werden?

Can perfume go bad?

The answer is yes and no, because a perfume cannot really go bad, but it can change its smell, color and consistency over time. Exposure to light and heat can break down the molecules in the perfume, causing the fragrance to diffuse and lose or change its intensity, color or shape. Man then describes the scent as tilted.

Unlike organic things like food, fragrances can't go moldy or the like, but they can tip over. This means that they can change their scent, color or consistency. In this guide article you can find out how to recognize a perfume that has been tilted, how long fragrances usually last and how to extend the shelf life through correct storage. Have fun while reading!

How do you recognize tilted perfume?

The tipping of a perfume is caused by the gradual dissolution of the fragrance oils that give the perfume its unique scent. Some people don't notice the signs of fapping right away, but others find that after a few years, their favorite scent just doesn't smell the way it used to. In addition to the loss of scent, there are other signs of tipping over, such as: B. a change in color or consistency and an oily feeling on the skin after applying the fragrance. If you notice any of these changes, you should stop using the perfume on your skin. A tilted Perfume does not pose any health risks. If it just smells a little less intense, you might be able to use it for other purposes. If the smell has changed too much, it is better to dispose of the perfume.

How long does perfume last?

However, you can usually look for a long time on the flacons for a best-before date, because unlike food, perfumes do not have an expiration date. Because the shelf life goes hand in hand with the correct storage of the perfume. As a rough guide, however, experts give about 12 - 36 months . But we say: Trust your nose & decide for yourself whether your perfume has gone bad and whether you still want to use it or not.

Which perfumes have the longest shelf life?

The composition of a perfume directly affects its durability. The higher the alcohol content, the longer the perfume will last. Alcohol acts as a preservative and helps slow the evaporation of the fragrance oils. Therefore, eau de toilette and eau de cologne, which have the highest alcohol content, tend to last longer than eau de parfum or extrait de parfum, which have a significantly lower alcohol content. However, it should be noted that perfumes with a high alcohol content last less and evaporate more quickly.

Store perfume correctly - Our tips & tricks

When storing perfumes, 3 things are particularly important: Store in a cool , dark and dry place ! In this section we would like to describe to you what go's & no go's are when storing perfumes:

  • Be sure to keep your perfume collection in a cool place - BUT not in the fridge, it's much too cold there. For example, the bedroom is very suitable because it has fewer temperature fluctuations than in other rooms.

  • Please do not store your bottle in the bathroom. Here it is too humid, too warm and there are too many temperature fluctuations.

  • Store your item in an opaque bottle or packaging as light and sun can destroy the delicate fragrances.

  • Choose your storage location far from any heat source - don't put it on a window sill or next to a radiator.

  • When faced with a choice between an atomizer and a shaker, you should always choose the former. Because in the pouring bottle, the perfume comes into contact with the skin when it is applied, which can lead to bacteria penetrating and thus reducing the shelf life in the long term.